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FLC Machines is well known in the roll forming industry and was founded in 1965 by Fred Froelich. Throughout the years, FLC Machines has always looked for better ways of doing things and that continues to be part of who we are. William Froelich acquired FLC Machines in 2016 and continues to service the roll forming industry while expanding into other industries and new products.

FLC Machines, LLC is a full service company starting with conceptual design, finished drawings, manufacturing, assembly and testing.

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Machines styrofoam for building panels. Sizes range from 2"- 12" tall x 12"- 48" wide.


Slits sheet metal to smaller length coils. Size range is up to 48" wide. Coil diameter up to 6" diameter.

Step Gutter

16 pass step gutter with straightener and sheer.


Boxer creases and folds the product creating a boxed end. Mounts to either side of roll former.

Coil Tilter

Tilts sheet metal coil 90 degrees for handling. Smooth control with weight capacity of 2500 lb.


Our design staff is ready to assist you with your next project. Whether you're ready to customize one of our standard products, or need something completely new, we are prepared to work with you to design a machine that works to your specifications.

We utilize the latest SolidWorks software through the processes of conceptual designs to finished drawings, manufacturing and assembly.

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